10 Best Ladies Perfume in Pakistan with Price (2023)

10 Best Ladies Perfume in Pakistan with Price (2023)

Are you looking for the perfect fragrance to make your mark? Whether you’re looking for something light and airy, strong and bold, or something in between, the 10 best ladies’ perfume in Pakistan has a scent that’s just right for you.

From classic favorites to modern trends, this guide will help you choose the perfect scent for any occasion.

List of 10 Best Ladies Perfume in Pakistan

2. Bonanza Satrangi- Remember MeRs. 4,680
3. Waseem Badami- Sweet FantasyRs. 6,750
4. Khaadi Ladies – Orange BloomRs. 2,200
5. TUX by The Dua BrandRs. 6,250
6. Tom Ford – Velvet Orchid LumièreRs. 39,278
7. Calvin Klein- Obsession Rs. 11,800
8. Hugo Boss- Ma Vie Eau De ParfumRs. 11,500
9. Estee Lauder – Super Eau De ParfumRs. 22,000
10. Victoria’s Secret -Bombshell Rs. 30,809

 1. J. Smash Sania Mirza

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The brand, formerly known as Junaid Jamshed, is well-known for its fashion products. Along with clothing and accessories, it also offers a wide selection of perfumes created for women.

When it comes to ladies’ perfume there are many available from the J., each offering unique notes and lasting fragrances while staying true to its original composition. It can be difficult to trawl through all the different options; therefore, we have identified the 3 best perfumes for women in Pakistan produced by Junaid Jamshed which present an incomparable signature scent that won’t fade away easily throughout the day.

2. Bonanza Satrangi- Remember Me

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Remember Me is a scent expertly designed to bring out style and grace. Its attractive, distinctive packaging makes it attractive to those with an eye for creativity. It features several distinct notes such as peach, raspberry, plum, and strawberry blended with rose to produce a fresh aroma that’s rarely seen elsewhere.

For the best results on hot days, it is recommended that you spray your clothing instead of yourself directly with this 100ml bottle; the official cost is Rs. 4,680. You can find this product in physical Bonanza Satrangi outlets or online. It is one of the best ladies’ perfume in Pakistan.

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3. Waseem Badami- Sweet Fantasy

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Sweet Fantasy perfume offers a subtle scent that can last for hours if sprayed correctly. It is one the best ladies perfume in Pakistan whose fragrance has floral and spicy notes reminiscent of a rose garden after rain showers. It may be suitable for most occasions, from casual days out to special occasions, and the bottle is designed in an elegant feminine pink color.

To get the most from the product, you’re encouraged to spray it at a distance on your pulse points or clothing for long-lasting results, followed by application on each area for softness and freshness. This designer scent is sold in Pakistan with its official website without a price tag of Rs. 6,750.

4. Khaadi Ladies Perfume – Orange Bloom

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This product contains citrusy notes of lemon and orange paired with a subtle trace of vanilla. It is presented in secure packaging to ensure safe delivery to the customer. The bright, orange-hued container carries feminine and fun vibes offering a special layer to it as a present for loved ones or as part of your collection.

With long-staying power, this refreshing perfume can be sprayed on attire or pulse points, with 100ml per bottle available for purchase at Khaadi’s Pakistan stores for Rs. 2,200. It is one of the best ladies’ perfume in Pakistan.

5. TUX by The Dua Brand

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The Dua Brand has many high-quality perfumes loved by both men and women alike, one of the best being TUX by The Dua Brand Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo. This unisex perfume allows its user to experience a rich scent of oceanic splendor blended with earthy accents of pepper and patchouli complemented by the sweet smell of vanilla.

With a long-lasting effect, this affordable and best ladies’ perfume in Pakistan is priced at Rs. 6,250

6. Tom Ford Perfume – Velvet Orchid Lumière

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The refreshing fragrance of this delightful ladies’ perfume opens with the vibrancy of mandarin and Italian bergamot in combination with a light alcohol element, giving it a buzzy start. Subtle accents of honey add a pleasant sweetness that is warmed by the romantic notes of orchid, rose, and jasmine.

It’s an exhilarating scent that brightens up the mood and captivates the senses. Delightfully feminine, it’s no surprise that this scent remains one of the most popular and best ladies’ perfumes in Pakistan. The price for it in Pakistan is Rs. 39,278.

7. Calvin Klein- Obsession

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Calvin Klein is a well-known international apparel brand, with renowned models on their roster. Their perfumes for women are popular and have been met with great enthusiasm. Obsession by Calvin Klein is one such perfume that has made its mark in the market. It features an alluring fragrance that many across the world love to experience every day. You can purchase it from physical stores as well as online outlets at varying prices, like Rs. 11,800 in Pakistan.

8. Hugo Boss- Ma Vie Eau De Parfum

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Hugo Boss Ma Vie Eau De Parfum is comprised of three keynotes, modernity, femininity, and confidence. Cactus flowers and green freshness make up the top notes for a contemporary feel. Pink freesia, jasmine, and rose buds are used in the mid notes to exemplify feminine sophistication; finished off with warm woods and cedar as a base that boosts self-assurance. It was formulated to be an expression of thoughtfulness in life’s simple moments; reminding us to appreciate those around us or our own individual accomplishments. Its price in Pakistan is Rs. 11,500. It is one of the most popular and best ladies’ perfumes in Pakistan.

9. Estee Lauder – Super Eau De Parfum

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Estee Lauder Super Eau De Parfum is a sophisticated and complex scent that captures the sparkling light of a chandelier reflected in a glass of champagne. Its delicious blend of floral notes such as jasmine, ylang-ylang, and roses combined with fruity tones like citrus oils, raspberries, and peaches will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Whether you are looking for something exotic to wear during special occasions or just everyday wear, this is the best ladies’ perfume in Pakistan for any occasion. Its price is Rs 22,000 in Pakistan.

10. Victoria’s Secret -Bombshell Oudwomen Edp

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Unleash your inner Bombshell with Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Oudwomen Edp is the perfect scent for today’s modern woman. Get ready to make a great impression that will last long after you leave with this amazing fragrance. This luxurious scent is formulated specifically for women, giving you the power to be noticed and remembered with each wear with its gentle notes of floral and citrus. Victoria’s Secret -Bombshell Oudwomen Edp leaves an unmistakable impression that will have hearts wanting more.

On top of that, this dynamic scent is also great for women who want to attract attention without having to put in any extra effort. Get ready for a blast of femininity with Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Oudwomen Edp! It is one the most well-known and used ladies’ perfume in Pakistan that cost Rs. 30,809 with long-lasting effects.


A perfect scent can be the finishing touch to any look, so it’s important to find the right one for you. With this comprehensive guide, you now have all the information you need to choose the best ladies’ perfume in Pakistan. Whether you prefer classic fragrances or modern trends, there is a scent that perfectly fits your style and personality. So go ahead and pick up a bottle of your favorite perfume—you’ll be sure to make an impression!

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